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  1. Art Denney says:

    I’ve listened with great interest to this podcast. In fact, I’ve listened to it five times, and will listen to it many more times. Mr. Crouch spent about 10 minutes masterfully detailing the events leading up to the Evangelicals without Color (EwC) aligning themselves with the Republican Party, and the unintended results.

    Then, Mr. Crouch, in an effort to “balance things out,” spent a whole minute sharing the following about Hillary Clinton, “Her whole political career has been about minimalizing vulnerability – maximizing her authority.” He did present the unintended consequences of the illegal server in Hillary’s basement. I’m guessing Mr. Crouch realized that time was extremely limited, which would eliminate his ability to expound how Hillary is unfit for the office.

    Mr. Crouch stated, “We didn’t have a choice between an idolatrous candidate or a non-idolatrous candidate. We just had two very different temperamental versions of authority without vulnerability. And those were our major party options for 2016.”

    To paraphrase Mr. Crouch’s position, the ExCs have bowed down to the Golden Elephant in an effort to maintain power and to obtain the passage of moral laws. The end-result is the ExCs have lost power, and did not obtain the passage of moral laws as they had hoped.

    To follow this Mr. Crouch’s position to its logical conclusion, Evangelicals of Color (EoCs) have bowed to the Golden Donkey in order to obtain equality. Sadly, the EoCs did not obtain equality with the dominate culture, but they did obtain equality amongst themselves. Based on the statistics in “Divided by Faith,” EoCs continue to share equally in poverty, sub-standard, government controlled housing, and failing government schools.

    It seems to me that the other political parties are not much better than the elephants or the donkeys. We could worship the Libertarians’ Golden Dove of World Liberty, or we could worship the Golden Solar Panel of the Green Party. Both parties express distain for coercion, yet they ignore the fact that because man is not basically good, coercion (i.e. laws designed to control anti-social behavior) is mandatory. And both parties are more than willing to exert coercion to get their way.

    While the elephants and the donkeys expect their followers to worship the party and the party representative; the doves expect their followers to worship man; and the solar panels expect their followers to worship the earth.

    So, what options do Evangelicals (using the Biblical definition as one who proclaims the Good News), regardless of color, have?

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