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Jemar and Tyler discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and the Christian response.

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Podcast Quotes

The conversation surrounding BLM for so many people is directly related to the preservation of American ideals and values versus the advancing of the kingdom of God. – Tyler
At a fundamental level we have to distinguish between BLM the principle and BLM the organization. – Jemar
How has America historically treated those who have spoken boldly for black dignity and black humanity? – Tyler
This conversation cannot be separated from history. – Tyler
Can we empathize, can we mourn with those who mourn? – Jemar
Events in the past have ongoing effects right up to the present day. – Jemar
Empathy and understanding is not the same thing as agreement. – Jemar
Love has to undergird all of our interactions even when we disagree. – Jemar
Don’t allow your views on BLM to trip you into inaction. – Tyler

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