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Pass The Mic: Black In The South

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  1. Andrea Arthur says:

    Why would I, do I live in the South?

    I love it. I’m a Southern girl born and raised and I’m not going anywhere. Plus racism is EVERYWHERE!

    I’m familiar with the South and I feel comfortable in the South. I live less than an hour from where my ancestors worked the plantation fields and many of my relatives still live in that area. The blood and sweat of my ancestors, my family is in that land and I have as much right to be here than anyone else. That familiarity is an advantage to me in the South because I know what to expect in terms. In other parts of the country, I don’t feel safe, it is an unknown and I don’t know where I’m going to face the racism.

    Great podcast! Reminds me of conversations I’ve had with my family.

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