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Jemar and Tyler are joined by Collin Hansen, editorial director for The Gospel Coalition.

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All quotes below are those of Collin Hansen.

“If you’re seeking to be controversial, just keep focusing on Jesus.”

“If you can’t handle criticism, it’s going to be very difficult to be a writer.”

“In our worst, we just kind of sit in our little corners and just scream at each other over social media”

“We ought to be able to reflect the fullness of Christ in ways that are going to be encouraging to other believers and are going to appeal to the world.”

“He [Jesus] is going to convict you of your sin and meet you in that place with his grace.”

“There’s something that has seriously gone wrong in our discipleship if we believe that it’s okay to simply hate other people as a way of confirming us in our righteousness.”

“There’s always been a party that has reflected whites in America.”

“There’s always been a party that seems to be the one that stands up for white people and whatever their perceived grievances might be.”

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