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Pass The Mic: Defining Implicit Bias

Beau York

Jemar and Tyler answer some listener feedback from the last few episodes as well as discuss ‘implicit bias.’

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  1. Art Denney

    Here is the ‘problem’ I have encountered when listening to various podcasts which address white privilege and implicit bias. Figuratively, the top of my head blows off and purple fog rises out on the cavity where my brains are supposed to be (much like a current ad on TV). Yet, after I mull over the truths contained in the podcasts, I have to reply, “Thanks. I needed that. (yes, another TV ad reference).”

    While I might not always agree with what is said, I cannot disagree with the spirit of Grace that oozes out of each podcast. Even when y’all move from preaching to meddling, I know y’all are speaking from your hearts to my heart.

    Press on.

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