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Pass The Mic: Luke Cage

Beau York

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Tyler and Beau discuss the recent Luke Cage Netflix series and specifically the introduction of Power Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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  1. Jimmie Miller

    Waited to complete the series before listening and commenting. Overall, I was let down by the show. It was very mediocre for me in terms of plot and story line. I really enjoyed the Netflix Daredevil series, so that has been my standard for all of the Netflix Marvel t.v. series and so far, nothing has come close to it for me personally. I have to agree with a lot of Tyler’s comments about the show and the plot. Things I didn’t particularly enjoy included:

    1. Shallow plot
    2. Cheesy scripting
    3. Forceful interjection of black history.

    I’m Black, so of course I enjoy black history, but the way in which the show went about doing it seemed very cheesy and not smooth. It was like a shameless plug for a product of some sort. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, they tried too hard to be a “black” t.v. series and made it lame in return. It’s like when your parents try to connect with you by using “hip” lingo such as “Lit, fam, on fleek, or squad,” but that’s not how they usually talk so it rubs you the wrong way.

    In regards to the plot, I just felt as if Cotton Mouth was a whack villian and his motivation was whack as well (same can be said about Willis Stryker). I mean, another petty criminal peddling illegal guns for money is kind of lame as a villian. Most villains, dc and marvel alike, often strive for higher goals like religious or world domination. Some villains have no other goals other than just to cause chaos, which is even worse than just money and power (joker).

    To sum it up Luke Cage was Luke Warm for me. Just my thoughts. Thanks for this fun podcast though, I really enjoyed it.

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