On MLK Day, Jemar sat down with Rev. Dr. Mika Edmondson to talk about the theology and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Check out their conversation below.

“King never said that suffering itself was good. What King promoted was faithful engagement with suffering that already exists. And he said that… the Lord could work though that engagement to bring about a redemptive outcome.”

“In the midst of a situation of violence, the Lord has given his people the resources and the faith and hope to be able to engage every situation toward a redemptive outcome. What that means basically is that God’s justice and God’s redemption and God’s victory will have the final say in every situation.”

“In the face of great sin, and evil and suffering the Lord has given his people the resources to overcome and to survive and to be a witness that could actually heal the land of this kind of injustice.”

“All truth is God’s truth… If it’s noble, if it’s good, if it’s virtuous, then God is at work and we’ve got to recognize that and we got be clear about admitting that.”