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Pass The Mic: Reflections On President Obama’s Legacy

Beau York

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Jemar and Tyler look back at the past 8 years and the impact of President Barack Obama as the United States 44th President, his legacy, and the importance of diverse representation.

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2 thoughts on “Pass The Mic: Reflections On President Obama’s Legacy

  1. stephen matlock

    Gotta say, it was just one part of this that turned over my cart. I suppose I’ve heard this before in my other readings elsewhere, but it really *clicked* this time about how the path we choose in approaching the Gospel makes a huge difference in how we appropriate it. To approach the Gospel from the works of Paul is to build a Gospel that is built upon reason and logic and argument, but to approach the Gospel from the example of Moses and the children of Israel and Egypt is to build a Gospel that is community-based and redemptive and inclusive. (Well, my thoughts about it as I listen.)

    I’ve read works of other theologians/teachers about the idea of the Kingdom is against–and oppressed by–the Empire, and the church is best seen as oppositive to the state, but your statements just really helped me understand so much better how it is that the methodology and praxis of preaching and the theology I hear from the resources I read are so different.

    Finally bought that book by Dr. Thurman, and now it seems like I really need to crack down and read it!

  2. Art Denney

    Another PTM that I will save on my phone and listen to several times.

    This podcast challenges, in a gracious manner, many of my preconceived notions.


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