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Pass The Mic: Shut Up and Dribble? Nah

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  1. N says:

    Little late to this party, but as I listened to this episode my mind couldn’t help but be drawn to the many, many times conservatives have told celebrities of all colors and ethnicities to just shut up and do their job. Without discounting the racially tinged language of this particular commentator, it seems that Jemar and Tyler think this only happens to black celebrities – it doesn’t. An add on my feed from PragerU showed several videos telling DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Olivia Wilde and some others that I don’t recognize to just shut up about climate change because they’re actors and not scientists. A simple Google search shows many people of various political persuasions telling celebrities to focus on their work and not other issues. I think Jemar and Tyler are trying to make this incident carry far too much weight.

  2. h l munsey says:

    i really respect james for his stance on the issue. but he should be prepared for responses from the ‘conservative wingers’. what that fox reporter said is ‘par’ for fox. down the road, you’ll be hearing about ‘her’ having been (sexually harassed). she probably would have said the same to a white player. you have to be prepared. and another thing, 90% of white americans have the ‘white superior’ mentality. and that will not change before JESUS CHRIST come back. so stop thinking that it is going to change in this wick, sin filled world. if african americans stop looking for ‘white approval’ on the way their lives are lived, and focus on the TRUE GOD OF THE BIBLE, things would be in a better way. my allegiance is to JESUS CHRIST, not to white people. stop looking for acceptance from the ‘creation’.
    and in response to (paul laresn) and ‘billy graham’, graham played a HUGE part in ‘pimping’ GOD’S NAME AND CHARACTER. there is a book named ‘one nation under GOD’. get that book and read it. graham did NOT preach the TRUE WORD OF THE GOD&SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. when a person (black or white) worships the creation rather than the ‘CREATOR I.E, GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON, AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT’, well, JESUS SAID, ‘IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT (I AM), that’s one of the old testament names for GOD, YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR SINS. so stop looking for acceptance from any one other than the TRIUNE GOD. oh, and get that book.

  3. Mortimer Snerd says:

    “Shut and dribble” was an appropriate response to King James’ inane comments. If he wants to wade into the political world, he then should expect some blow back and the fact you guys come to his defense as if he is untouchable just because he’s some sort of celebrity, makes you look just like him – not very smart. This had absolutely nothing to do with race but rather with Mr. James and his supporters thinking he can’t be challenged about what he said. and you guys playing the race card is beyond intolerable – even for fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. Paul N Larsen says:

    I can’t seem to find the news item or tribute to Billy Graham.

  5. Anthony Odan says:

    Loved the podcast this week gentlemen! Thank you for bringing attention to this issue of dog whistle politics or statements. I have personally experienced them at church and work. I love the commentary about how the church utilizes dog whistle politics where “just preach the gospel” is the church equivalent to “shut up and dribble”. Another legacy of white supremacy that is so prevelant even among white liberals that would deny that they’re racist. Continue to speak up for our full humanity and our imago dei. Blessings brethren

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