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Pass The Mic: The Spiritual Rise And Fall Of Ma$e


Jemar is joined by Tyler Burns and special guest Taelor Gray to discuss the spiritual rise and fall of hip hop artist Ma$e and the problem with elevating newly self identifying Christians on the bases of celebrity status.

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3 thoughts on “Pass The Mic: The Spiritual Rise And Fall Of Ma$e

  1. Maurice

    First of all, God has the ability to use anyone he desires. We make them superstars. Their occupation has nothing to do with it. It just so happen they’re in the spot. I’m pretty sure that both of these guys have their “Christian” superstar pastor’s that they follow, which is no different. No one can determine anyone’s road to Damascus experience…and elevating anyone above God is idolatry ..even your pastor. The problem is we connect people to a “church” and not God, so our identities are tied up in a building. When we are the “Church”. The only difference between the guys that were speaking and Mase is, the process into becoming “mature” was not visible. How many times did these guys fall and stumble, until they got it “right”, which is relative. The gentleman stated that it’s hard for him to listen to No Malice, because he still have him attached to of what he represented prior to his conversion. That’s not No Malice fault, that is something that’s in his heart that he is still struggling with. No one is addressing that. Once he received Christ as his Lord and Savior, he became a new creature. I Corn 5:17.. and if the opportunity presented itself for either one these guys to minister to Mase or No Malice, they would be ineffective, because the moment you judge someone it naturalizes the gospel. This is what keeps the body of Christ broken and anemic. God has given us a fresh and new start, but we want to hold people to a old lifestyle. Yeah these guys sinned, the bible tells me that “ALL have sinned and fallen short of His glory” Romans 3:23. #everythingstartswithunconditionallove

  2. Nicole

    My husband and I went to see him “preach” many years ago when he was “born again.” He did seem to have an older man who was “discipling” him, but he definitely was under some questionable teaching. It also appeared that his past still seemed bittersweet to him because he did not speak in veiled language about his carnal exploits. Again, that was many years ago, but it is always sad to see anyone fall from grace. What a shame! The sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared…

  3. Tyshan

    Tyler had some amazing points. I have always thought that the whole situation was a discipleship problem. I don’t know but it seemed like Mase never got a proper foundation esp when in 2009 (I think it was) he came out with that whole prophecy thing

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