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Pass The Mic: Searching For A Hero

Beau York

Jemar, Tyler, and Beau discuss the recent rise of superheroes in pop culture, the importance of diversity in media, and why the heroic narrative is one that resonates with Christians.

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3 thoughts on “Pass The Mic: Searching For A Hero

  1. Lewis Oneal

    Really enjoyed this episode. I’m white, but when I was exposed to the Black Panther and Falcon I was blown away. I began reading comics around the time I started middle school and Superman ‘died’ and I quit really devoting the time and energy I a had previously around 2003. I’ve kept my ear to the ground and seen most of the movies but found myself disappointed that they didn’t do more with Falcon in Cap 2 or Avengers 2. I’m hoping they correct that going forward and have my fingers crossed that they won’t screw up Black Panther. You all are right in that Static Shock would make for a great movie, one that has already been written and only needs to be adapted for film. While he wasn’t primary, I did love how they included Icon/Rocket in the underrated Young Justice show. Thanks for shining like on this topic. Awesome site that I gladly follow on Facebook. Thanks for all you are doing for the sake of the Kingdom.

  2. Jimmie Miller

    By far, one of the best podcast that I have ever listened too. Never heard someone combine the topic of comics and the gospel before, other than in my own head. Although, I was surprised that Archangels didn’t get brought up once in this conversation.

  3. Jimmie Miller

    Would love to see that superhero hands up photo here some where.

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