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Pass The Mic: Thabiti Anyabwile

Beau York

Tyler is joined by Thabiti Anyabwile to discuss several topics including faith and politics, the recent events taking place surrounding the University of Missouri, as well as his new book: Reviving the Black Church: New Life for a Sacred Institution

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  1. Joseph Randall

    I don’t understand how a follower of King Jesus (of any ethnicity) can possibly praise God for the election of a man to office (President Obama) who has done so much to support the cause of Molech worship through child sacrifice (abortion) in this country and promote and celebrate sexual immorality and crush Christian religious liberty in our land.

    It’s almost as if those sins were just little footnotes in this interview. I assure you, they are not footnotes to God.

    Ought Christian pastors who believe what Jesus believes about abortion and sexual morality be calling for repentance because so many Christians did not do what Dr. MLK said we ought to do: Judge a man not based on the color of his skin, but based on the content of his character?

    How can we be happy and praise God about a man elected to office because of the color of his skin when the policies he puts forward are an absolute abomination to King Jesus? Where should our greatest loyalty be as followers of King Jesus – to skin color or to Christ and His clear commands?

    I am happy and praise God that we live in a country where an African American can be elected to the office of President. I am happy that this shows progress in the fight against another abomination to King Jesus – racism. But if I’m going to follow Dr. MLK’s words, I can’t praise God based solely on the color of President Obama’s skin. I have to look at his character. And the fruit of his actions show a character that is diametrically opposed to the character of my greatest Lover, Husband, Friend, Savior, Lord, and King.

    Please help me understand.

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