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Jemar and Tyler take an episode to reintroduce the purpose of Pass The Mic, both our intentions and mission, as we move in to 2017. Also Jemar JUST watched Creed… so… Creed talk.

Here are some quotes from this episode:

Jemar Tisby:

There are a lot of other people groups who are adding and developing brilliant, helpful, and biblical theology.
Theology is something you do; it’s something that’s always being fleshed out. And RAAN wanted to make explicit what that looks like in terms of African-Americans, and then apply that theology to the core concerns of African-Americans specifically.

When people hear reformed theology, there’s all these connotations, and it’s never neutral. People either love it or hate it. Or sometimes people are neutral because they never heard of it.

As an online network, as mainly a blog and a podcast, we have to cast a pretty broad tent in terms of reformed. At minimum, it means we affirm all the Universal Creeds, like the Nicene Creed and the Apostles’ Creed, those kinds of basic things which you don’t have to be reformed to affirm. More specifically, we affirm the 5 Solas, you know Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, all of those, and then it gets a little dicey. So there’s different types of reformed.

We found that the core concerns of African-Americans, which sometimes overlap with the dominant culture but don’t always, weren’t getting a lot of airplay in other reformed outlets.

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