We Persevere (Round-Up 6)


It’s been heavy week of sadness and tragedy, both at home and around the globe. Rather than bring you more injustices that occurred among the persecuted, this week’s roundup focuses on three videos of perseverance from around the globe. Take a few moments away from the din and be encouraged by the resilience of the Persevering Church.

DPRK: North Korean Student Jyung Ju was orphaned and escaped to China. Her father is forcefully repatriated to North Korea, endures prison as an enemy of the state – she has not seen him since. This is her story of losing her earthly father, and meeting her Father in heaven, from The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelism in 2010.

CHINA: Rare footage from Chinese underground churches as they meet in caves, farms, house churches, and open fields. Most are led by young people who’ve come out of the Communist system – they no longer want anything to do with it, or Mao’s ideology.

Meanwhile, what does worship music sound like in an underground church? Here’s a montage of hymns used in underground house churches that undergirds the persevering church in China.

This Month’s Opportunity:

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