A Place For Righteous Feminism

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  1. Raymond Kolman says:

    Could you recommend good sources to better understand feminism? By good recourse, I mean those that loft up scripture as its base of authority. Also material on biblical social justice?

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  2. THE W says:

    scripture would reject any sort of egalitarian viewpoint regarding gender roles of men and women. scripture, when properly exegeted and harmonized, would promote a complementarian view of gender roles where men and women do not have similar roles but rather similar value within their distinct roles.

    as far as the abuse of women is concerned, black women statistically are actually the least abused out of all races of women. does this mean that black women who have been abused don’t matter and should not be fought for? no. what is does mean is that we need to discontinue the agenda of white supremacy in seeking to destabilize the black community by turning black women against black men. the issue isn’t nearly as big of an epidemic as it is being portrayed.

  3. lynn hesse says:

    Dear Christian Sisters,
    I respect your faith as I do all religious faiths. I am a feminist, and retired law enforcement officer. My God loves me. I do not judge another woman who has made the difficult choice to end a life…for whatever reason. May you never need to make that decision to save yourself or another person or carry the heavy burden in the aftermath.-Lynn Hesse

    1. Deanna says:


      I’m a little confused about your response. This article is not about the pros or cons of abortion. It’s about affirming women and encouraging them to be strong.

  4. Toviyah says:

    Sorry but my fellow males never seem to really get the idea of equal respest and treatment for women. And I agree that it has been that way since the courageous act of feminism occurred during bible times in the book of numbers (chapter 27). That was when daughters could not receive an inheritance but sons were privileged to receive the inheritance. In chapter 27 of the book of numbers it was God who told Moses that the daughters who protested were right. The law was then changed to include daughters in the inheritance. The main problem with too many of us men is that we really don’t seem to get it. Thanks for reminding us to be more sensitive to the real issues women face daily.


  5. Steve says:

    Thanks for the bold description of what women are called to. You have described biblical womanhood well, against sad trends that continually trouble the church. But let’s be clear that biblical womanhood is not modern feminism. Feminism is a worldly counterfeit of Proverbs 31 (and the other examples you gave), and therefore should indeed be a “dirty word” to Christians. Yes, we have some overlap of goals and concerns. But your title is comparable to a man writing an article entitled, “A Place for Righteous Chauvinism.” I hope you see my point. You cannot “redefine” feminism any more than you can redefine chauvinism. Feminism is what it is, in its rejection of the God’s clear word on manhood and womanhood. Let’s please be clear that feminism is no ally to the kingdom of God.

  6. woody weaver says:

    Pro life women were not welcome at the Washington DC march. History records early feminists being pro-life. Today’s feminists not only disdain life but also their feminist sisters who are pro life.

  7. Sharon Bratcher says:

    Thank you for this incredible essay. I think I have always thought it but never put it into words, or was afraid to.

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