The Witness

At the Pleasure of the King


Lately, I feel a strong pull to define myself by today’s ideologies and movements – or, in some cases, define myself solely by rejecting those with which I disagree. World events and social media issue hourly siren calls for re-definitions and personal declarations.

I am tempted also to define the Church by my personal associations and preferences. When I woke up this morning, I felt a strong need to reorient my heart, mind and soul, and ask again:

Who does the Church Ultimately Serve?

Is She to serve the purposes of Democrats? Republicans? Liberals? Conservatives? Social movements? Governments? Institutions?

No. She belongs to no social or political organization. She stands apart from them, in order to display a purpose above them. Certainly, She has a duty to inform, critique their darkness, and promote change anywhere Light is found within man-made movements  …

But ultimately, She serves at the pleasure of the King; and this eventually puts her at odds with them all.



This article originally appeared on Karen’s personal blog. 

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