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Evangelicalism and White-Centered Discipleship Part 1

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  1. Dennis Bradford says:

    Ameen, this is a great article and fascinating topic. Are you aware of an approach or model of discipleship that is more fitting for a POC? I’m a student at Capital Seminary & Graduate School, where Kevin Gushiken in our incoming Dean and he has an article called “Spiritual Formation and Multiethnic Congregations.” You can access it at I would like to explore this and related topics more once my tenure as a student is complete. Having spent the last 13 years in three different churches, two, include my current church home being predominately white, I identify with the tug-of-war between the two cultures. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Marcelo Domingo says:

    This is interesting. In my church I have a lot of 1st generation Asian immigrants who go “white,” so to speak, at the thought of having to share feelings like white people. It seems there needs to be a discussion in the Kingdom of what it means to have true discipleship where Biblical truth is expressed outside of just one cultural norm.

    1. Carter says:

      That is interesting Marcelo. I think all 1st generation immigrants will to one degree or another feel like strangers in a foreign land and they will never be able to fully share the feelings of their new homeland. I’m wondering if the 2nd generation Asians feel the same way? Do you see any reason why the 2nd generation should not be fully integrated into their homeland since it is indeed their homeland? Or do you think there are legitimist reasons why they too should feel like strangers?

  3. Jonathan M says:

    Very helpful thoughts Ameen! I’m a white man who has attended predominantly white SBC churches my whole life.

    The items you mention (style of dress, tattoos/piercings, hair styles, vocabulary/accent, worship styles, etc…) have often been seen by those with different styles, etc… as incompatible with “proper worship” (as defined by the tradition of the dominant culture in the room). Hopefully that’s increasingly a thing of the past.

    Having worked for decades towards a culture of discipleship in churches (as a member of the laity) where the top 3 priorities are 1) preaching, 2) preaching, and 3) preaching (with a possible #4: the branding of the senior pastor for success outside of the local body), I share your frustration with anything that stops the authentic multiplication of disciples who make disciples.

    In my case, “tradition” (i.e. “we’ve never done it that way” where “never” refers to the previous 30-50 years or so) was a major hurdle but one that could be graciously addressed as long as the senior leadership was open to change.

    I look forward to your part 2.

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