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Should We Talk about Politics in the Church?

Abigail Murrish

Jemar and Earon James discuss the potential and pitfalls of talking politics from the pulpit and in the pews. They explore what divides Christians politically and why and how to press forward in an age of angry disagreement.

Earon James: With Christ being declared as Lord in in that particular context, it said that every other government was illegitimate; Christ’s government is the only legitimate government. The government of Christ reigns supreme even over the Roman emperor and the Roman empire.

Earon James: We’re selective in the way we engage political issues. We support policies that continue to give us the advantage and the upper hand, or basically, that protects our privilege.

Earon James: We’re now calling privilege freedom.  People say our freedom is being threatened, but in reality if you dig deeper,  and you look at what’s really going on, it’s our privilege that is being threatened.

Earon James: We have the responsibility as believers to do that which is right, but… we don’t want that to cost us. So we ask: How do we do good in a way that is advantageous to us, in a way that we’re always in the center and in a way that we always maintain control?

Earon James: The reality of the fact is, if we’re talking about the way things were constructed from the beginning and even as they are currently constituted, in order for us to right certain wrongs, then we have to be willing to lose.


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