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PTM: Kamala Harris and the Power of Symbolism

The Witness

Jemar and Tyler are back to discuss what everyone is talking about: the appointment of Senator Kamala Harris as the Vice Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

They discuss the inevitable reality of racism and misogynoir that has already risen up against her, the concerns about her policies, and how voters interpret her progressive record.

But most importantly, they discuss what it means to be in the tension of symbolism and structural change. How do we balance our desire to see “firsts” and the imperative of actually changing the systems that we live in? This is an important  conversation, fam!


4 thoughts on “PTM: Kamala Harris and the Power of Symbolism

  1. Terry Caston

    Sorry it took me so long get back to this. But, Jeff have you checked out record as California Attorney General. It is not a democratic thing, republican thing, black thing, white thing but it is a Christian thing. These politicians don’t know you and typically care about you. They care about money and power. Their race and religion is their political party. We the only ones talking about race…they say what necessary to get in office…Question why did Joe Biden call the late Senator Robert Byrd (KKK) leader? You might of been hoodwinked!

  2. Ann Elizabeth

    Hey guys, I really loved this episode and thought y’all’s conversation at the end about validation/liberation was incredibly important and relatable. As a white Christian woman living in this broken world, I have always sought validation through my physical appearance. However, I have never measured up to this world’s standards of worthiness. Thankfully, God has met me in that pain. He tells me I am worthy because I breathe. He chooses me over and over again. It is silly and sad that something so superficial can so deeply impact my identity.

    How beautiful that I heard the two of you say the same thing, but in a different way. I praise God for that. I’m praying that all of us can live our lives with full cups, knowing that we have a God-given right to be here. And I will pray especially for my Black brothers and sisters to feel that validation from God daily, especially now, so that you can fulfill His purposes for you. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Terry Caston

    1. Any comment about someone’s qualification for President or Vice President is silly at best. Typically, no one who runs for the office has held the office. President Trump came from a business background.

    2. I question her policies and as a matter of fact all black policitians who support abortion which is the most racist policy in America…by far…there is no close second. Why, don’t they talk about it? We make up 13% of the population but, 36% of all abortions in America. Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist and eugenist…like Hitler.

    3. What comes first our blackness or relationship to Christ? If we are in fellowship with him then we must love the things he loves and things that we hate. Does Christ love abortion?

    4. President Obama election was also symbolic. We bowed down to everything President Obama did and did not hold him accountable. President Obama could of went down as the greatest President if we the people would of held him accountable. Every President needs to be held accountable. After President Obama left office, we debate what a man is and what a woman is…Why?

    5. Senator Harris has a character problem also. She wants black America to believe that she is Kamala from the block when her background isn’t. Her father was/is a College Professor and her mother was a cancer researcher. She should embrace her background and don’t say silly stuff like “She is Jamaician so she knows about marijuana.”

    6. Finally, everyone forgets that Joe Biden was a segregationist..quotes “Busing will make our schools jungles,” “I learned about roaches and black children,” “Latinos are diverse and african americans aren’t,” There are more.

  4. Jeff

    This is hilarious. If Kamala Harris was a white Republican you would viciously hate her.

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