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October 2012 marks the one year anniversary of the Reformed African American Network (RAAN).  RAAN exists to fuel modern reformation in the African American community and our multi-ethnic nation beyond.  So it is fitting that we would release this video on October 31, Reformation Day.

This video–featuring Co-Founders Phillip Holmes and Jemar Tisby–is first and foremost a way to say, “Thank you.”  What began as a hope for impact and a step of faith has, in one year’s time, become a multi-ethnic community of over 2,000 on Facebook and over 600 on Twitter.  We thank God for stirring interest in so many people, and we want to personally express our gratitude in this message.

This message also serves as an introduction to RAAN’s vision.  We desire to see the African American community transformed by the truths of Scripture as understood through the lens of Reformed theology.  To that end we link our guests to biblically faithful resources produced by other Reformed individuals and organizations.

Additionally, we link Reformed African Americans to each other.  Reformed Blacks can sometimes feel isolated due to the combination of their theological convictions and their race.   RAAN seeks to to develop a network among such individuals for mutual support and encouragement.

Finally, we understand that the African American community can benefit from Reformed theology as it stands, but the Reformed tradition has much to learn from the Black community as well.  We aim to shape the contours of Reformed theology by inviting Reformed Christians–black and white, men and women–to write articles that will spark respectful dialogue regarding theology, culture, and a variety of other topics.  RAAN has a multi-ethnic vision and we invite people of any race to contribute to and learn from these discussions.

So watch the video and enjoy.  Explore our website to find out more.   “Like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter to stay current with news in the Reformed African American community and discover more resources.

Please join us in praying for another year of God’s continued grace and blessings through RAAN.  Thank you.

Phillip Holmes & Jemar Tisby, RAAN Co-Founders

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