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This statement of the Reformed African American Network seeks to make clear its stance on sexuality and human dignity. It is meant to dispel misconceptions and to answer the questions of those who, in good faith, engage our content. It is not meant to be an exhaustive, exegetical treatment of the topic.

RAAN holds to historic, Christian views of biblical anthropology (Genesis 1:26-28), marriage between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:24), the ordination of biblically qualified men (1 Timothy 3:1-7), and sexual ethics (Matthew 5:27-32, 1 Corinthians 7, etc.). While this is the official stance of the organization, we recognize that others have different views. We respect people who hold different convictions on sex and sexuality as fellow image-bearers even as we maintain our respective stances. RAAN seeks to address “the core concerns of African Americans biblically.” The Bible is our final, authoritative and infallible rule on all matters of life and godliness.

Further, as an entity specifically concerned with African Americans, we recognize that issues of race and gender have a distinct history in the African American church and affect women differently than men. The voices of black women in the church and beyond have too often been muffled or silenced. We are, therefore, honored when members of marginalized communities honestly express their experiences, even and especially when they share their burdens and pain.

In addition, RAAN seeks to be a platform for Christians of African descent and their allies in the theologically Reformed branch of Christ’s church. To that end we started “Pass The Mic” as the official podcast of the Reformed African American Network. Its goal is to feature “dynamic voices for a diverse church.” We “pass the mic” to various individuals to hear them speak. These conversations are primarily meant to address topics pertinent to the African American community, and are addressed to such persons. People who are unfamiliar with particular language or are new to this dialogue may find certain episodes difficult to hear. We never ask anyone to completely agree with what the hosts or guests say. We simply ask that people listen charitably in the spirit of learning and inquiry. Any disagreements should be handled in a manner worthy of our Savior, Jesus Christ, always remembering the views expressed on RAAN blog posts or the Pass The Mic podcast are those of the individuals and not necessarily those of the organization.

RAAN affirms the dignity and humanity of all people regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or any other distinction. We will not denigrate people who differ from us in any way, even if we have profound theological and moral disagreements. We seek to demonstrate the love of Christ even if it proves scandalous to some people.

Thank you for supporting the Reformed African American Network. We ask for your prayers as we foster dialogue on matters that are often sources of tension and disagreement. If you have specific questions please address inquires to Grace and Peace

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