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RAANetwork Launches New Podcast


We are pleased to announce the release of our brand new podcast Pass The Mic. Periodically, we will record live shows like the one here. Stay tuned for future updates.

Description: Pass The Mic is the premier podcast of the Reformed African American Network. Every month Jemar and Phillip sit down with voices from across the reformed movement with the mission of addressing the core concerns of African Americans biblically.

You can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

2 thoughts on “RAANetwork Launches New Podcast

  1. aanderson1

    This was and INCREDIBLY refreshing conversation. There needs to be CONTINUED dialogue on the subjects discussed in this interview. HB Charles is a unique voice with a unique experience that has shaped his perspective. I know that MANY brothers were blessed and encouraged by his insight. I also love the evolution taking place in the life of Jemar and Phillip. I have argued against and greatly disturbed the broad brush painting of the black church by reformed circles and conversely, reformed cats by the black church. PLEASE KEEP THIS DIALOGUE GOING. It is NEEDED much more than you may imagine. Thank you guys for your openness, faithfulness, commitment and conscious. Sola Deo Gloria!!!

  2. george canady

    Thanks guys. We are out here reading and listening. Maybe we are afraid to admit it publicly.

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