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Race, Religion Can Haunt But Mississippi Will Rise to the Occasion

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  1. “I am burdened by both the national and statewide state of things but have a blue-noted hope that God is up to something radical in our day. The spiritual warfare that is before us will confront afresh the idol of white supremacy … In this season, the last shall be first and the proud will be scattered, and all of us will see it together. In the name of Jesus … ordinary people, filled with the Holy Spirit, will revolutionize this place for God’s glory and our good.”


    Thank you, Rev. Rhodes, for this encouraging prophetic word!

  2. Toviyah says:

    Rev T. B., your point (finna #1) has been proven to be wise advice. thanks.


  3. CHRISTY Jo WILSON says:

    I read your article. I am an Independent and I was turned off by your comments on Trump(of whom I am not a fan). Not a word about how Barack Hussein Obama undermined racial relations in America and went to a church that hates whites(despite his 1/2 white status) and whose wife is a clear and bitter racist. I think I am open minded. I have several mixed race relatives(Asian & Black) . I did not hear both sides or anything that EVER sounded balanced. Trump is not Satan. He has raised Black unemployment for example to highest level in decades. You don’t have to be a fan, in fact, I would question you if that is how you wrote ,but to totally pan Trump and skip the crime that Obama was to America and blacks in particular is amazing and undermines your article. There is a lot of doubt that Obama is really a Christian. His actions point to Muslim. The article was about race and religion from black perspective. I didn’t learn anything worth the time to read this. It left me with feelings of how racist (and in denial about reality) the black community can be and I want to think better.

  4. Jeff says:

    “To this day, I have never stepped foot into Hazlehurst’s white churches.”

    But you’re not a racist, of course, nor are you part of the problem, even though you obviously see only color.

    C’mon man, you’ve gotta at least be open-minded.

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