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Re-Digest Highlights Across the Web (02-08-14)

The Witness

Each week we will try and highlight your favorite posts from RAANetwork’s blog and other great posts across the web. Check back each weekend in case you missed something.

Top 3 Posts (RAAN)

1. Why John Piper Risks Dealing with a Controversial Topic like Race? 

2. Joe Tells Christian Men to Pursue Her

3. Raising Financial Support: Hindrances and Hope by Ekemini Uwan

Across the Web

1. “Where’s the Altar Call?” by Philip Duncanson

2. Why Christianity Needs a ‘Black Christ’ by Jonathan Watson

3. Let’s Discard the N-Word and Uncle Tom Myth by Jarvis J. Williams

4. John Piper Explains Why He Tries for Ethnic Unity by Tyler Burns

5. Churchy Fallacies Are Drivin’ Me ‘Crae by Jelani Greenidge

6. Guys Get Hurt Too from Urban Gospel Mission

Notable Mentions from Last Week

1. The Many Faces of Queen Latifah: Black Female Sexual Identity in a World That Needs Jackie Hill by Thabiti Anyabwile

2. Fatherless Daughters and Wayward Desires: Black Women As Portrayed by the Alluring and Maddening Olivia Pope by Thabiti Anyabwile

What did we miss?

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