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Re-Digest: Highlights Across the Web (02-22-14)

The Witness

Each week we will try and highlight your favorite posts from RAANetwork’s blog and other great posts across the web. Check back each weekend in case you missed something.

Top 3 Posts (RAAN)

1. United: New Book on Diversity by Trillia Newbell

2. Afrocentricity and the Church, Part 2 by Irwyn Ince

3. Have We Overcome? by Jeremy Williams

Across the Web

1. Less Celebrity, More Community by Tony Carter

2. The Difference Between Christian Labeling and the Christian Rap Debate  by Hafeez Baoku

3. Can a Ministry be for Profit? by Mark Rasche

4. Finding the Fatherless: A Call to Fill the Gap

5. How Support Raising Keeps Parachurch Ministries White by missioeric

What did we miss? Anything else noteworthy out there? Holla at us!

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