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Roundtable: Black Jesus


Jemar is joined by Tyler Burns and Beau York to discuss the new Adult Swim series Black Jesus , what role the religious boycott may have played in its success, and the redemptive gems to be mined from parody.

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3 thoughts on “Roundtable: Black Jesus

  1. Black Jesuscom

    Stop the hypocrisy Black Christians. #Black Jesus is sending us a profound message. If Blacks and Mexicans work together, we can change our hoods into profitable gardens.

    Sunday remains the most segregated day of the week because
    some people think their false image of Jesus has and always been superior.

  2. Jimmy

    Initially I was thinking that I disagree with the podcast because although I wouldn’t advocate for a boycott necessarily, but I believe a Christian should be offended by it. However, after listening to it I think I recieved your underlying point. This was a great podcast.

  3. Gerald

    The God of the world has blinded the minds of the unbeliever less they should see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.

    Can fresh water come from a salt brook?

    What fellowship has light with darkness?

    This conversation was so biblically soft and compromising of truth because your afraid to a fend the world. You said nothing what the scripture says. Like

    I am angry with the wicket daily.

    The wages of sin is death.

    The gift of God is eternal life.

    In addition to that unconditional love is a myth.
    Do you know the condition it took for God to love the sinner? It took for Him to send his Son to die as a substitute for the sins we commited. Read the scriptures. I’m disappointed. So unbiblical.

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