Pass The Mic: Faith And Politics


Jemar is joined by Tyler Burns and Beau York to discuss the 2 topics you can’t talk about at the dinner table: Religion and Politics. Specifically the group takes on the challenge of how Christians engage one another when they find themselves on different sides of the political aisle.

This begins a series which needs your feedback! Be sure to send your thoughts to producer@RAANetwork.org using the title “Faith and Politics”

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  1. Arline Erven

    I’m a SAHM trying to break my addiction to social media. Otherwise I would tweet so many things that were said on this episode. 🙂 All three of you have helped me rethink how I’m part of the problem and how to think about politics, especially in reference to an entire family that disagrees with my husband and me.

    {I discovered the podcast when the Eric Garner case happened, and I’ve list need to every episode, shared some with friends and just been so blessed by all the perspectives I’ve heard.

    I cannot express how thankful I am for this podcast. Continue what you’re doing. God is being glorified and people are growing wiser.}

    Ps. I’m from south GA and currently live in north FL, so hearing Tyler speak truth and wisdom, knowing he came from the Panhandle…gives me hope for these little towns! 🙂

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