Seek Peace and Pursue It: The Quest for Racial Harmony

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  1. george canady says:

    I am so grateful for you guys here. This attempt that you are talking about is much harder than I expected. I have been under some of the best Reformed teaching these last 6 years except on this issue. I have heart eyes to see with you but not the years of education or sanctification to be a good representative of this. My heart breaks to know some of the unloving things that I have said in anger to my brothers and sisters over this thing. It is so hard for me to understand a doctrinally strong sound system like the Reformed one, to be so slow at this. I might even say frustrating because of the names that remain silent on this historic sin. I almost feel like a big name should be bold on this Church segregation issue, like John MacArthur, when he said he intended to “force the issue” in reference to the charismatic movement. Thank you for letting me say this as I follow you and your ministry with prayer.

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