Sermon Highlight: Grace Greater Than All Our Sin – Dr. Mika Edmondson


In this sermon, Dr. Mika Edmondson expounds on the fall of mankind and God’s grace throughout the generations.

Dr. Edmondson opens by tracing on Adam’s genealogy and highlights “a remarkable descent” from Adam being made in God’s image before the fall, and Seth being made in Adam’s image after the fall (Genesis 5:3). Edmondson digs deeper with the congregation to emphasize how much we are unable to change our sin nature — and nor do we have the desire to without God. God still reached down and snatched us. God intervened then, and intervenes today.

Dr. Edmondson beautifully reminds us of our previous state in sin and death, and exhorts us to praise the Lord. Think on the billions in the world who do not know God, and consider why he chose to save you from his wrath. It certainly was not because of anything you or I did. We owe it all to his grace, mercy, and compassion. Specifically for you. Specifically for me.


  • Much like a drop of cyanide contaminates an entire glass of clean water, much like a poison root contaminates an entire tree, the pollution and bondage and wickedness of sin contaminates Adam’s entire family tree.
  • If we’re saved today, if we’re walking with the Lord today, it’s not because of our own good looks and good works. It’s because the Lord saw us in our desperate state and reached down and he regenerated us and called us to himself in light of Christ.
  • It takes a miracle to renew and reform a sin addict and put a new nature in us. It takes a divine miracle to bring spiritual life to the dead.
  • If anyone of us find ourselves walking with the Lord against the tide of this sinful world, we must give all the glory to God. Let him who boast, boast in the Lord!
  • There’s so many people today that turn from serving the Lord because they don’t believe that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. They don’t serve the Lord because they don’t think it’s worth it.
  • There are folks who grew up in the church all their lives, and they never turn to the Lord, because they don’t believe serving God is worth it.
  • If you’ve never seen the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus, then you won’t think that serving God is worth it. You’ll think that serving stuff is worth it.

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