By Phillip Holmes, Co-Founder

Sho-Baraka-Talented-10th-Cover-ArtI’m excited about an album that was released today called Talented Xth.

This is Sho’s first album since he left Reach Records, a well known Christian Hip Hop label. Sho’s philosophy of music has changed a bit, which is one of the reasons he left Reach.

He released a single recently called Jim Crow which spoke candidly about race relations and his frustrations through the eyes of a Black Christian. It’s unlike anything we’ve heard from Sho so far.

I won’t try to explain the album because I think he does a good job of that himself in the video below. Hear him out and I think you’ll be inclined to support the album. I’m almost positive you’ll enjoy it and appreciate it’s overall message. Sho’s a great all-around aritst that I respect and look forward to seeing how he impacts the hip hop culture.

Below I’ve listed a few helpful videos including an interview about the album, a promo video released a while back and a video promoting a Talented Xth tour as well as links to where the album is available.

A Life Changed featuring Sho Baraka

Johnnie Cochran

Talented Xth Tour

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Follow him on Twitter @AmIshoBaraka.

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