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Sho Baraka’s Talented Xth: Album and Tour

The Witness

By Phillip Holmes, Co-Founder

Sho-Baraka-Talented-10th-Cover-ArtI’m excited about an album that was released today called Talented Xth.

This is Sho’s first album since he left Reach Records, a well known Christian Hip Hop label. Sho’s philosophy of music has changed a bit, which is one of the reasons he left Reach.

He released a single recently called Jim Crow which spoke candidly about race relations and his frustrations through the eyes of a Black Christian. It’s unlike anything we’ve heard from Sho so far.

I won’t try to explain the album because I think he does a good job of that himself in the video below. Hear him out and I think you’ll be inclined to support the album. I’m almost positive you’ll enjoy it and appreciate it’s overall message. Sho’s a great all-around aritst that I respect and look forward to seeing how he impacts the hip hop culture.

Below I’ve listed a few helpful videos including an interview about the album, a promo video released a while back and a video promoting a Talented Xth tour as well as links to where the album is available.

A Life Changed featuring Sho Baraka

Johnnie Cochran

Talented Xth Tour

Purchase it online:



For more info on Sho Baraka visit:

Follow him on Twitter @AmIshoBaraka.

3 thoughts on “Sho Baraka’s Talented Xth: Album and Tour

  1. Cristianarmando

    Hey Leonce,I work with Reach Records and saw your post. We wanted to be beettr about communicating to bloggers. If you want email me your mailing address and I’ll keep you in the loop on big updates and send you new releases. Thanks for the support!

  2. Phillip Holmes


    Thanks for reading and commenting! I would love to set up an interview with Sho. Email me at to get the ball rolling.


  3. Josh

    Hi Phillip, thank you for your thoughtful and generous piece on Sho’s new record.

    Would you be interested in doing an interview? I can help get the process started if you wish!



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