Social Justice Temptations and Gospel Triumph

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  1. Tyshan Broden says:

    I love this. I love how honest it is and really speaks to our prideful temptations to embellish to gain support.

    1. Phillip Fletcher says:

      Thank you Tyshan. I hope that it has been helpful to equip you and ultimately in rejoice in God.

      Grace to you.

  2. MarkSingleton says:


    This is a great article. Honestly really dig it.

    People who have worked with the poor will read this article and know exactly what you are talking about with each of your points. I really enjoyed the honesty and the gospel emphasis that many times gets missed in most circles that focus on social justice.

    Thanks tons for these words,

    1. Phillip Fletcher says:


      Thank you for the compliment. I agree that sometimes the foundation for all ministry, namely social justice, is overlooked. True justice has to begin with a holy and loving God who works to renew all things. Once we understand that God’s reconciling work is the potency for all our work, imagine the impact we will have.

      Thanks brother!

  3. Bereket says:

    Isn’t there also a natural instinct for us to want to solve the problem? It’s one thing to care for the poor, orphans, and other disadvantged but when people want to eliminate poverty that’s a different matter. I think there’s a difference because we won’t eliminate sin from the world, and that’s the main reason why there’s injustice in the world. How do you maintain the balance?

    1. Phillip Fletcher says:

      Hello Bereket,

      Thank you for the comment. I believe there is a God given instinct for us to solve any problem in the world. Since men and women are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27), we possess this instinct to address problems which are caused by personal sins and systemic sins. I agree humanity can not eliminate sin from the world but that does not prevent men and women from addressing inequities. The injustices of the world when addressed demonstrate God’s gift of common and effective grace. What do I mean by common grace? God has gifted men and women to develop education, law, science, and technology to address various injustices. This common grace is irrespective of a person’s spiritual state, but because of God’s love for his human creation, he uses such people to address a variety of problems. God’s effectual grace which works to regenerate men and women to see Christ and love God is far greater. Why? God regenerates men and women to behold his glory and a consequence of such a infinitely powerful act involves men and women who see God, who see the world through the filter of God’s word and the Spirit of God to act in such away that not only are physical injustices addresses but the greater problem of spiritual injustice directed at our gracious God. So I don’t know if balance is ever achieved but since we know risen Christ and see him, we press on knowing our labor is not in vain.

      God bless!

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