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Southern Baptist seminary presidents reaffirm their commitment to whiteness

Jemar Tisby

Southern Baptist leaders have chosen to prop up whiteness.
It is ironic that in their statement, these Southern Baptist seminary presidents claim they are “standing against the tide of theological compromise.”

There is no form of theological compromise that is more American than vigorously opposing those who advocate for racial justice while remaining silent about the racism and whiteness running rampant in the church.

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More Undignified Than This: The Legacy of Rance Allen

Katina Stone-Butler

With COVID-19, this election, voter suppression, racism, brutality, and natural disasters, 2020 has been brutal. Adding to our trauma is the collective grief of losing many of our notable figures. On Saturday, October 31, Gospel music legend Rance Allen was added to that number. It’s important that his death not be lost in the sea […]

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The Biggest Threat to Christianity in the US

Jemar Tisby

Preliminary demographic data about the 2020 electorate has started rolling in. The Associated Press published the VoteCast survey that revealed some disappointing, if not altogether surprising, information: 81%…again. Four years ago eighty-one percent of voters who identified as white and evangelical threw their support behind Donald. J. Trump. Now, in a reprise of 2016 presidential election, white […]

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