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The Arts and the Reformed Black Movement

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  1. Good stuff bro. Liked the Harlem Renaissance bridge. It actually might help more traditional Af-Am churches process new art forms better. And loved the front door/rooms analogy. Bless you sir.

  2. David Mitchell says:

    I wonder if this book recommendation might help people think about this complex issue of Proclaiming Christ in the arts. It’s written by an accomplished Jazz musician who is now one of the world’s leading Koine Greek scholars. I haven’t read it, but he was one of my lecturers and I have no doubt that he will have dealt with the subject in a Biblically-sound way. It’s called: Outreach and the Artist: Sharing the Gospel with the Arts. By Con Campbell.
    You can see a review of the book written by a classmate of mine which was picked up by the gospel coalition:

  3. george canady says:

    The poem by John Piper ” The Calvinist” really resonated with me. I could not wait for my wife to see the video; and all the contributors. You know, she said it was “alright” but that she was “not all that impressed”. Hmm….even in my own house. But I am grateful for what we can enjoy together.

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