The Book and Slavery Irreconcilable: What We’re Still Missing Today

general assembly
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  1. LaMetrius Jackson says:

    God’s church doesn’t uphold so-called “white supremacy”. Those that do aren’t a part of the church of God even though they claim to be.

  2. George Canady says:

    I agree….”We can and should hold our leaders accountable for the sins of racism. We can and should tell the truth about our history as a nation. We can and should advocate for diverse leadership structures so that minority Christians are given a voice and positions of power to influence our church structure.” …But one should know that many good and not so good men have paid an awfully high price for standing against this injustice of the Church. For those in the Church who still inflict that price, “……Evangelical charity induces the hope that he is an ignoramus.” 1

    We who love the Church long for the day that She sees the broad yet simple instruction of James Chapter 2 and the pastoral pleading of Paul in Philemon.

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