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The Importance of Multi-Cultural Congregations | PCA Founding Father Kennedy Smartt

Jemar Tisby
‎”If [our church] doesn’t become more multi-cultural, God will write Ichabod over the door of the church and it will die…The Spirit of God will not be there.”

Adherents to Reformed theology–particularly Southern Presbyterians–have had a sometimes disappointing past regarding race relations in America. Recents articles and media have pointed out several failures to properly apply Reformed doctrines to the question of how people of different races should interact (see here, here, and here).

Yet a Reformed pastor and founding father of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), Kennedy Smart, offers a different perspective. In this 3-minute video Rev. Smart explains the importance of multi-cultural congregations in America. His testimony bears witness that no denomination is monolithic. Christians are sinners, but they are also saints.

May this message of cultural diversity encourage those who seek a place within Reformed congregations and inspire others who desire modern reformation.

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  1. Rob Harris

    Excellent video I share with many folks….

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