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Poem: A Voice of the Unheard

Avery Du Bois

struggle to proceed out my mouth
while funeral processions
raged-filled riots
and peaceful protests
in one voice cry “No justice, no peace”
while Lady Justice turns
a blind eye
from broken bronze bodies laid
in mahogany
“No justice, no peace!”
readily perceived as a warcry
yet a lament which leave lips
leaving hearts to sing the dirge
“No justice, no peace”
barely seeing justice carried out
peace becoming a deferred dream.

It is said
all men are created equal
created by their Creator
inalienable rights given
Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness
Yet those of ebon hue
pursue this truth as but a dream
not given dignity of being human
instead treated as chattel
like cattle
soulless beings viewed as property
if not simply seen as other
thing to be feared

We exist
We rebel
We speak
We stand up
How is it
you appreciate night skies
soiled earth
marvel at obsidian
be in awe of black holes
once your eyes behold
beautiful black skin
fear, hate, envy, disgust
fumes from your pores

3 thoughts on “Poem: A Voice of the Unheard

  1. Njeri

    This poem is beautiful

  2. Greg Loewer Jr.

    Thank you, Avery.

    I am sorry for my sin against you, Avery. Please forgive me.

  3. Mark Mollenkof

    Eloquently beautiful. Thank you.

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