The Witness Black Christian Collective is excited to announce that Ally Henny will assume the role of Vice President of the organization. Henny, who holds a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, is the first woman to be Vice President of the organization since its founding in 2012. Henny is one of the four women that hold executive positions in The Witness Inc.

As Vice President of The Black Christian Collective, Ally hopes to continue elevating the voices of Black Christians while fighting for the rights, dignity, and liberation of all Black people.

Henny’s predecessor, Tyler Burns, will assume the role of President of The Witness Black Christian Collective. Jemar Tisby, founder of The Witness BCC, will ascend to the role of founder and CEO of The Witness Incorporated. The Witness Inc. is the 501c3 organization that is the parent company for The Witness Black Christian Collective and The Witness Foundation, a philanthropic organization founded by Tisby in 2019.

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