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The Witness: One Year Later – PTM Live from D.C!

Abigail Murrish

Jemar and Tyler are Live from D.C! Listen as they reflect on the past year of ministry and work through The Witness.

Tyler Burns: Whatever conversation we have right now, it’s not the first time the conversation’s been had. Everything has a history. But sometimes, we think that we’re in a place where we’re the only ones who have had this conversation. That’s not true.

Jemar Tisby: You have freedom. You don’t have to be limited by what the majority thinks of you. Nor do you have to try to present yourself in such a way that the majority will accept you, in terms of assimilation. So, pursue truth, righteousness, holiness and faithfulness on your own terms as the Bible teaches us what that’s about. But we’ve made whiteness the measuring stick.

Tyler Burns: We push for justice and we talk about justice without expecting our lifestyles to change, specifically as it comes to greed. We have so much and we don’t realize how much we have. A lot of times, it’s very easy for us to point to other people and say “They’re not doing this” and “We need these policies” but at the same time we pour our money into systems that continue to disenfranchise and prop up unjust systems.

Tyler Burns: We’re not interrogating how we save our money and what we use our money for. It’s possible for justice-minded people to be just as consumed with the American dream as anybody else. It’s easy for us to type, and Tweet and talk but not correspond it with a sacrifice that lays down the acclaim.

Jemar Tisby: There’s so much distance between the issues we say we care about and the people that are actually impacted by them.

Jemar Tisby: Incarnational solidarity says you’ve got to be close to people who are suffering if you actually want to fight for justice.


“I’m Not Backing Off”: Racism and the Undefeatable Faith of Fannie Lou Hamer by Jemar Tisby


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