There Will Be No Fireworks This Juneteenth

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  1. Thomas W. says:


    Recent study on systemic racism in police fatal shootings. It did not find a correlation.

    So it’s not necessarily a lack of empathy on specific topics, but that people outside of one’s worldview can see the dissonance or bias much clearly than we can for ourselves.

    For me, I find a lack of specificity in what is being asked of white Christians. The level of empathy is never good enough, and clearly defined by how much they agree with your view. The repentance not enough. What is good enough to satisfy the ambiguity in what you and others are asking for?

    So long as one keeps defining themselves by 2016, this will not change. You will not see progress, and there will be a lack of unity. One has to forgive what was done, what will happen tomorrow, and treat even the white supremacist as made in God’s image, lest we be no better.

    I think Juneteenth is a great idea, and great thing to bring more awareness too even as a national holiday. People like holidays. It’s the first year I heard about it though.

    I also heard about it aside from here, because Trump took time out to acknowledge it. http://time.com/5315914/donald-trump-juneteenth-statement/
    Supposedly a racist, yet he keeps acknowledging, listen to, and working with African Americans.
    Maybe its time to free yourself from 2016. There is opportunity here for great changes. One just has to set aside their prejudices to accomplish much.

    Pick up the phone. Call the president. Call your governor. Call those who African Americans who already have working relationships and petition for Juneteenth as an official holiday. Dare to be free from 2016.

  2. William says:

    Angela ….

    With some early exceptions, Europeans were not able to independently enter the West and Central African interior to capture Africans and force them onto ships to the Americas. Instead, European traders generally relied on a network of African rulers and traders to capture and bring enslaved Africans from various coastal and interior regions to slave castles on the West and Central African coast. Many of these traders acquired captives as a result of military and political conflict, but some also pursued slave trading for profit.


    In 2009 the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria wrote to tribal chiefs saying: “We cannot continue to blame the white men, as Africans, particularly the traditional rulers, are not blameless.”


    My guess is that historical information like the above will at best be a footnote to any conversations you have because it doesn’t fit into the narrative you have chosen to embrace.

  3. Whitfield says:

    As a youth 60 plus years ago I remember blacks celebrating Juneteenth. I asked what it was. The answer given was that “they don’t celebrate July 4th they celebrate Juneteenth because that’s when they got their freedom”. I believed there were two freedoms, freedom for whites & freedom for blacks. I also concluded that made for two peoples therefore “separate but equal” made sense. Then in the 1960’s intergration was forced into the forefront. That made little sense to me. So now 60 years later there is little that is separate as I see things. Now with so much Hispanic culture Cinco de Mayo is so celebrated & it is not even associated with our Country. So in conclusion it seems that now all celebrations are based more on the cultural history of the multi-cultures we have. I see nothing wrong with preserving our cultural separation. However we should all come together as one Nation, which is impossible with the divided government we have. So to come to an end, the people aren’t the problem, it is the government that keeps things in an state of confusion.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Again, to summarize this post and the site:
    Blacks were once slaves then “freed”. But not really, blacks are STILL slaves, and unless / until whites decide to “give us free!” we will be enslaved.

    But the saddest portion of this post is:
    “Timothy Thomas is a full-time public school teacher and coach. He is a staff writer for Christ and Pop Culture and lives in Fort Worth, Texas. He and his wife, Angela, are devoted to encouraging, informing, and challenging Christians to engage the culture with a gospel-centered focus.”

  5. William says:

    Yes, racism is embedded into America’s DNA and it is unavoidable and here to stay. Will things remain the same? Get better? Get worse? I guess that it all depends. Depends upon what? I guess what the various “teams” are willing to do and not do.

    As we think about Juneteenth, it might be good to remember that the vast majority of blacks were slaves because other blacks sold them or their ancestors into slavery and also remember that 360,000 white men were willing to go to war and to lay down their lives to free blacks they never knew.

    When was America ever great? …When was any country ever great?

    1. In reply to William….There were whole tribes of Africans, who fought because they did not want to be slaves and were wiped out and were wiped out of the history books….Only a few Africans sold other Africans into slavery but this has been wiped from the history books… As for Whites fighting /The Civil War was not fought to free the slaves… The Civil War was fought so that the North could get power and profit…..What did Abraham Lincoln say (paraphrasing) If I can end this war….I would do it and not free one slave or only half the slaves….

      1. William says:


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