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This is America: A Video Review (PTM 204)

Abigail Murrish

It’s time to Pass the Remote! Jemar and Tyler are back to talk about Donald Glover’s provocative viral music video, “This is America”. The conversation gets…interesting. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Is Donald Glover better than Kanye West?
  • What does this video’s racial symbolism mean?
  • What can this video teach us about black joy?
  • Is Donald Glover leading a new movement of artistic activism?

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Show Hosts: Jemar Tisby + Tyler Burns • Producer: Beau York + Podastery Studios • Pass The Mic: Website + Twitter  • The Witness: Website + Twitter

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2 thoughts on “This is America: A Video Review (PTM 204)

  1. Thomas

    The link seems to be broken. Can we get it fixed? I’d love to listen.

  2. Jenny Locklear

    Great podcast as usual gentlemen!
    Your discussion of Glover’s motivation reminded me of Paper Boi’s comment, on the last episode of Atlanta, after he’d boarded the plane for his world tour , “N__s going to do whatever they gotta do to survive because they don’t got a choice.” Do you think this reflects Glover’s philosophy?

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