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I Too Am Tired: Race Convos in 2017

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  1. Bryant Lee says:

    Excellent article and so good and encouraging for my soul. Thank you!

  2. mark mollenkof says:

    Thank you for making me see once again how hard life can be for the marginalized in this world. Please don’t ever withdraw for too long from the battle. Remember He has won the war for us.

  3. GYamato says:

    This is amazing…I want to just ml I’ve into this, hermit crab-style, and scuttle away!

  4. Jamaal says:

    I get that feeling too sometimes. I’m far from immune to giving clapbacks on bigots if I detect pretentiousness. That said, I live in China. Chongqing specifically. I’m an oddity here, and often hear racist things from people here.

    One thing I had to learn in this crucible is when to shut everybody else out. I’d put on my headphones, blast some music, and walk with my head held high, deaf to ignorant remarks from small-minded people. If someone wanted to say hello, excited to see a foreigner, it’s unfortunate that I didn’t hear or respond to them. But I made that sacrifice for my mental well-being. When I feel ready, I take off the headphones, and allow life to come at me. A greeting here or there. A kind smile from an old lady. And maybe no racist remarks for a week. When the bs returns, headphones go back in. Simple as that.

    Self-care is a skill we have to learn because we have been conditioned to feel wrong or selfish for not serving further. Some people can make us feel that way, unaware or unconcerned that we may have nothing left to give. Trouble is, we often don’t feel permitted to even think this way. I had to observe my pastor’s work pace to realize there’s nothing wrong with taking a break. We need examples of self-care.

    1. Carlos says:

      Thank you for your comment brother. I needed to read that.

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