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Trauma Laughter: Issa Insurrection

The Witness

Let’s be clear, y’all: January 6 was a lot, but sometimes you have to (trauma) laugh to keep from crying. Thankfully, Black Twitter never disappoints. Here are some of the dopest (Safe For Work) tweets and memes that we have curated that brought some hilarity the insurrection.

You can’t outdo Black people. No mater how hard you try.

Imagine completing a hostile takeover of a government building and walking in looking like a bunch of tourists

If you can’t say “Amen” just say “ouch”

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone fulls a stone, it will roll back on them,” and that’s on the Father, the Son, AND the Holy Ghost.

Stay woke, fam.

This one is too real…

They shoulda had the usher board of Second Greater Mount Carmel Church of God in Christ of the Apostolic Faith running security from jump, frfr…

This isn’t exactly a fair comparison since Google doesn’t help hackers get into your email…

Beg pardon?

This gone be every Black parent when Civil Rights 2.0 hits the history books

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  1. Carla B.

    This made me cackle. Nothing gets by Black Twitter; I mean NOTHING! LOL

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