United: A Book Discussion (Chapter Six – Growing Together in Christ)

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  1. george canady says:

    On Tuesday nights at the park in Tamina,Texas, you will find a non reformed church from The Woodlands engaged with some of the church members who grew up in Tamina. They are involved with an effort to love and evangelize the kids that have no choice but to live there . I have learned much about diversity attitudes there. As far as I know I am the only reformed Christian on the grounds during this event. I don’t know if the baggage that the history of those who practiced the reformed doctrines will be excepted there, so I keep in under my hat for now until many know the love inside. I wish segregation had not been so cruel. I wish that all could forgive and the scars erased, but we have Tamina and its little victims while the church debates James chapter 2. Its just down the street from you. We would love to here you speak there.

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