Video: One of the Best Sermons You Will Hear on Singleness

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Here is a sermon on singleness by Mike Campbell of Redeemer Church, PCA. It’s one of the best sermons I’ve heard on the topic, so I thought I would share it with the RAANetwork family. Campbell challenges the church by calling us to a balanced and healthy view of marriage, sex and singleness reminding us that marriage is not ultimate, God alone is.

[Tweet “Marriage is not ultimate. God is alone ultimate. – Mike Campbell”]

[Tweet “When churches don’t understand that God is ultimate, we place singles in a difficult position.”]

[Tweet “We need to wrestle with the reality that Paul was single.”]

[Tweet “Right now, based on God’s sovereign design in your life, you are a single person.”]

[Tweet “Christians need to exercise their singleness as a gift to others.”]

[Tweet “Our default mode is to view singleness as something we need to get past. Paul says the opposite.”]

[Tweet “The Paul we love to read, couldn’t be the pastor in some of our churches because he was single.”]

What do you think? Was anything said that ministered to you? Anything you wish you had known when you were single?

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  1. Donna M. Peterson

    Thank God for this message!

  2. diana

    Praise God!!!

  3. Ernest Mitchell


  4. Samantha

    Thank you very much for the video!

  5. Terry

    NEEDED this…Thank God for His sovereignty!!!

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