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Wakanda in Infinity War

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  1. Thomas W. says:

    Blah, I wish this had an edit feature. Adding on to point 2. The place for the fight was Wakanda, entirely because the Russos acknowledged Wakanda as a character even. It could be no other place.

    I would be more offended if they hadn’t chose it as the place at this point, which would have felt like a dismissal to the most recent film beforehand, its success, and the importance of Wakanda established by that movie.

    More so, keep in mind, they filmed and were making all this about the same time. IW entirely bet on the foundation that Black Panther would lay for Wakanda before they knew how it would fully turn out.

  2. Thomas W. says:

    I loved both movies. Just stating that before I make a couple points.

    1. You committed the cardinal sin of movie reviews in not putting a disclaimer for “Spoilers”. Some haven’t seen IW yet.

    2. I totally agree with how deep Coogler’s personification and character of Wakanda was. I disagree that was necessarily diminished by the Russos beyond any other aspect considering the time constraints of the movie. I think there is time taken to honor that both in the refuge that the Avengers sought there and Wakanda’s willingness to be the battle ground to defend the universe (not just Earth) in protection of the Mind Stone. In other words, one could look at it as raising the importance and impact of Wakanda on a Universe scale, and you mention this too.

    3. I think T’Challa’s death is important to drive home the impact of Thanos’ victory especially because BP was such a huge hit, as even Wakanda wasn’t immune or unscarred by great evil. The cost was high. And we can feel that way about all the characters, but still have hope, presuming there will be a part 2 to IW and other sequels scheduled. (There’s a lot of options when a time stone is involved too.)

    4. I didn’t take much notice of Falcon’s or War Machine’s response, but it would make sense considering they didn’t grow up there and would have less identity to it personally if this is their first trip. It’s entirely okay if not every black person identifies with Wakanda.

    I’m really looking forward to Captain Marvel. Both for the 90s nastalgia, Nick Fury’s story, and how they incorporate the Skrulls.

  3. Ben Puckett says:

    In Black Panther I felt more that the characters were Wakanda, if that makes any sense. I wanted a little more exploration of the country itself, but what I really loved was that they represented Wakanda so well. I saw this in Infinity War, although I admit Wakanda wasn’t focused on a whole lot. I loved how they could depend on Black Panther and the Wakandans to stand up and fight to protect the world (carrying a position change from the Black Panther movie). I loved that when the world is at stake where do you go? Wakanda forever.

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