Starting with just a Facebook page and a few likes, the Lord has grown the Reformed African American Network (RAAN) to include thousands of people across social media platforms and a website with more content and resources added by the week.

More exciting than numbers, though, is the personal impact this ministry is making.  Read what a few people have to say about RAAN:

“Thanks be to God for the reformed African American Network!!!”–Fred


Today God providentially led me to your FB page. What a blessing to see the effort you are making to connect minorities together, who share a growing understanding of the gospel of grace. “–Lonnie


“I am so grateful to God for you brothers and your vision! I pray continued success, and growth in all areas for the Glory of God! Thank you so much for being bold enough, godly enough, and vision-minded enough to do this. I can’t tell you how much your articles have helped me to learn, educate, and be inspired.” Anonymous

“Finally. there was always a need for such a blog.” – Calvin

RAAN’s encouraging progress is a result of prayer, providence, and supporters like you.  Thank you! (And click here to watch the RAAN Anniversary Video and learn more about what God has done in our first year).

Focus Areas for 2013

At the start of 2013 we want to share with you some of our focus areas for the upcoming year.  Although we will continue to rely on God’s grace to guide this ministry, know that you are vital to increasing RAAN’s impact.

Here are three areas of focus for RAAN in 2013 and a few ways that you can help.

Increase Interaction with Our Supporters

Support MeRAAN’s first area of focus is you!  The RAANetwork is a diverse group made up of men and women; young and old; national and international; white, black and all shades in between.  We hope you learn much from our content, but know that we are learning from you as well.  We’d like to be much more intentional about hearing your thoughts and interacting with you.

These actions will help increase interaction on the site: 

  • Leave comments on Facebook posts.  We promise to do our best to respond to you!
  • Share your thoughts in the “comments” section after articles on the website.  We encourage all of our writers to reply to you personally.  What a great opportunity to interact with some of the best Reformed thinkers and practitioners.
  • Give us your input.  Occasionally we’ll ask a question on Twitter or through a Facebook post.  Give us your take on things.

Create Broader Engagement with African Americans

The Reformed African American Network is uniquely positioned to have a voice in the Black community.  But we need a larger African American readership.  We’ll be reaching out to the broader Christian evangelical Black community so that more African Americans will know about this ministry.

Here’s how you can help RAAN create broader engagement with the African American community:

  • Mention us on Facebook and Twitter.  The more your friends see you “like”, “retweet” and re-post RAAN content, the more curious they will be.  You are the best advocates for biblical truth among your friends, family, and network.  Let RAAN help as you spread the Gospel to those closest to you.
  • Directly invite people to view the website.  Send them a quick e-mail or tell them in person about the network.  Personal relationships will do more to spread the word than any amount of advertising.
  • Link your friends, family, and co-workers to these starter resources: What Does it Mean to Be Reformed, African Americans and ‘Big God’ Theology, and What is the Reformed African American Network?.

Address Core Concerns of African American Communities

The cultural experiences and theological convictions of our network allow RAAN the privilege of addressing the most prominent concerns in African American communities.  In 2013, you can can look forward to more articles that directly speak to issues such as: single-parent households, the role of suffering in Black theology, current events that directly impact African American communities, and more.

You can help us make sure we’re addressing core concerns of African American communities in the following ways:

  • Tell us what matters to you.  Send us an e-mail (  Post on our Facebook page. Leave a comment on our website.  Let us know what you’d like to hear about.
  • Send us content.  We love reading articles from other blogs or websites.  We’re glad to share links and follow up on topics that spark interest within the network.
  • Give us feedback.  If we’re not speaking to issues that concern you let us know.  If you’d like us to go deeper into a particular topic, we’d love to hear about it.

Your support of RAAN has been humbling.  By creating more interaction, building a broader base of African American readers, and addressing core concerns of Black communities we hope to help shape the future and voice of Reformed theology.

We invite you to become an active partner in what God is doing through RAAN.

Bonus: Here’s one more way you can support RAAN.  

We have a Pay Pal account.  Click here or look at the right sidebar and click “Donate” to make a contribution.

Question: Start right now!  What questions, comments, or input do you have for RAAN in 2013?

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