Tyler is joined by special guest Ally Henny to discuss white fragility and what it means to “de-center” whiteness in our conversations on race and our theological discourse. Tune in as they discuss the history of the PTM FB Group and the ups and downs they’ve had in public talking about race in multi-ethnic settings.

Tyler Burns: This isn’t about getting to some random goal of rightness… it’s about getting to a place of health where we see God clearly and we see each other clearly and with dignity.

Ally Henny: Even in spaces that are predominately black, we still have to deal with this idea of decentering whiteness. We have to look at how we think about the world. We have to interrogate our mindsets [and ask]: Is this a mindset that was born to protect white supremacy?

Ally Henny: The conversation can’t go forward if you’re constantly having people whose feelings are hurt, or who are constantly lashing out and being harmful and questioning every little thing.

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