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“RICO Suave” (aka, The Latest Trump Indictment)

The Witness

Our resident wordsmith Ally Henny referred to the 45th president as “RICO Suave.” It’s a reference to the latest indictment of Trump (he’s facing 91 total counts if you’re keeping track)–this time in Georgia and for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations. Tyler and Jemar talk about how this case differs from previous indictments […]

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Silenced, Censored, Sanitized, and Softened

The Witness

Building off of Jemar’s article “The Speech They Wouldn’t Let John Lewis Give during the March on Washington” (https://jemartisby.substack.com/p/the-speech-they-wouldnt-let-john) we discuss personal experiences with censorship as well as a call to action for The Active Witness Challenge (https://thewitnessfoundation.co/awc) Support this podcast at patreon.com/passthemic Learn more about your ad choices. Visit 

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(Non)Toxic Masculinity Columns

Linked Fate and the Wounds We Carry

Robert Monson

Months ago, I was privileged to converse with some colleagues and a mental health researcher, Dr. Olajide. In this particular conversation, Dr. Olajide facilitated a conversation about Kanye West and other celebrities that seem to garner intense reactions within our communities, most acutely from Black men. Although our conversation primarily centered around Kanye, I couldn’t […]

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Review: Creed III

Ally Henny

Creed III isn’t your average sequel; it feels like a superhero origin story. This was exactly what Director Michael B. Jordan was going for.  “I wanted this film to feel like an origin story and a sequel in one,” says Jordan. Creed III marks Jordan’s directorial debut.  The movie follows protagonist Adonis Creed as he contends with the […]

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