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black theologians
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  1. Jeremy says:

    Technical question. Is there a way that you could create a link to this page from the menu bar, perhaps under “The Church” for example. Currently it’s a little buried and hard to find for future referencing.


  2. Joel Bascom says:

    Fantastic-thank you for your work on this. I will definitely be referencing this list in the near future and beyond.

    Joel Bascom

  3. Chris Umphlett says:

    I don’t read a lot of “theology” (in the proper sense) at this stage of life. What I would like to intentionally look for are non-white authored books on parenting, marriage, public school,prayer,hospitality, sabbath-keeping, etc. — the types of more “practical” things I read about right now.
    In those areas I know a few things I’ve read were by non-white authors (though in the past I haven’t gone out of my way to figure it out if I wasn’t familiar with the person):
    –Family Driven Faith (Voddie Baucham)
    –Going Public (David and Kelli Pritchard)

  4. Morgan Feddes Satre says:

    Bookmarking this – thank you!

  5. Caleb Miller says:

    Very helpful. Thanks so much.

  6. THANK YOU…!!! This is LONG overdue. Currently, I am enrolled at a predominantly “non-black” Evangelical Seminary and have hungered for “non-European” scholarship. THANK YOU…!!!


    1. Earon James says:

      You’re welcome! We’ll be looking to add to this list. If you come across any good resources please let us know.

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