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Announcing a New Resource

Earon James

After several inquiries from readers, The Witness wanted to provide a list of works by black theologians, pastors, teachers, and scholars. For the past few months, I’ve researched different titles and created a list of theological works by black Christians throughout the world. And there seems no better time to share that list of works than Black History Month.

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This list is not comprehensive, but serves as a primer. Other works will be added as we move forward and we welcome any suggestions that you may have. If you have a suggestion, send us a note here.

We are thankful for our brothers and sisters who have served the church through the use of their pens. We pray you are blessed through reading their works.

Click here to view the list

7 thoughts on “Announcing a New Resource

  1. Jeremy

    Technical question. Is there a way that you could create a link to this page from the menu bar, perhaps under “The Church” for example. Currently it’s a little buried and hard to find for future referencing.


  2. Joel Bascom

    Fantastic-thank you for your work on this. I will definitely be referencing this list in the near future and beyond.

    Joel Bascom

  3. Chris Umphlett

    I don’t read a lot of “theology” (in the proper sense) at this stage of life. What I would like to intentionally look for are non-white authored books on parenting, marriage, public school,prayer,hospitality, sabbath-keeping, etc. — the types of more “practical” things I read about right now.
    In those areas I know a few things I’ve read were by non-white authors (though in the past I haven’t gone out of my way to figure it out if I wasn’t familiar with the person):
    –Family Driven Faith (Voddie Baucham)
    –Going Public (David and Kelli Pritchard)

  4. Morgan Feddes Satre

    Bookmarking this – thank you!

  5. Caleb Miller

    Very helpful. Thanks so much.

  6. Earon James

    You’re welcome! We’ll be looking to add to this list. If you come across any good resources please let us know.

  7. Pastor Benjamen S. Long

    THANK YOU…!!! This is LONG overdue. Currently, I am enrolled at a predominantly “non-black” Evangelical Seminary and have hungered for “non-European” scholarship. THANK YOU…!!!


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