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White Supremacy & Sexual Violence

Cedric Lundy

History records (read: lies) that Emmet Till catcalled Carolyn Bryant one fateful summer day in 1955. That damning lie affirmed one of the oldest racist ideas ever formulated and justified fourteen-year-old Till’s murder. The lie was grounds for Bryant’s husband and brother-in-law’s acquittal by the “justice” system. The lie was accepted as fact for decades.  […]

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The Early African Framers of the Christian Faith

Celucien L. Joseph

Selected Important Works of Early African Christian Literature in the First 600 Years of Christianity The Christian religion was born in the Roman Empire and consequently spread under its influence and with its support. Christianity moved rapidly from Palestine, Asia, Africa, and then Europe, in that sequential order. The Continent of Africa was a significant […]

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White People Want Something From Black People They’ve Never Given to Us: Mercy

Cameron Friend

The issue of ending racism is much more complex than simply hugging a police officer or “hugging the hate away.” The issue is not a ‘lack of love’ from this Black person to a police officer. The issue is a lack of justice. How can I hug someone (ultimately an institution) who is withholding justice […]

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To Shape A New World: William Seymour and Black Faith in the Drama of Civil Rights – Part 1

Dante Stewart

The year was 1963. Many Blacks in Birmingham, Alabama gathered together in the oft familiar place of solace and shelter: 16th Street Baptist Church. As a place of influence, it became a location of mass meetings for Civil Rights leaders. Tensions increased as the movement became deeply involved in the depressing struggle for racial justice. […]

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Watch It Now: America’s Civil Rights Movement

The Witness

Right on time for Black History Month, an essential documentary series is now available for streaming online! “Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Movement” features dynamic interviews, rare film, and compelling historical accounts of one of America’s poignant time periods…a period that we’re still in. This series opens in 1954 with the lynching of […]

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History as Activism – Jemar Tisby at Theology on Tap Chattanooga

The Witness

Confederate monuments, kneeling during the national anthem, the #MeToo movement, Black Lives Matter—We live in an age of protest and reform. Today’s activists must pursue a deep knowledge of this nation’s history, especially as it relates to race and justice, in order to change the present and the future for the better. Listen as Jemar […]

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What Columbus Really Thought about Native Americans

Jemar Tisby

In 1937, Franklin Delano Roosevelt officially designated “Columbus Day” as a federal holiday. It commemorates the 1492 arrival of Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, in the Americas. The colonial and imperialist elements of Columbus’ voyage, however, have made the holiday perennially controversial. Columbus and the Europeans who followed him brought diseases that ravaged the existing population, […]

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